Thursday, August 21, 2008

Granny Chic

I was prepared for the worst case of craft ADD last night. Dan was at band practice, the house was clean, and I had creative ideas swirling in my head. I figured I'd start a few different things (I have a turtle to finish, wrist warmers to knit for warding off carpal tunnel syndrome in my chilly office, and Christmas presents to start), and then pick one to concentrate on.

Oh, no.

As soon as I got this scarf going, in all its bobbly goodness, I couldn't stop.

Oblong Granny Square Scarf

I finished the whole thing last night, tried it on, and found myself wanting more in other shades and color combos.

I've doubted the skinny scarf for a long while, but this one is long enough to wrap around a few times for warmth. It's also skinny enough to be useful (and not too warm) in the chilly desert evening (if only we could ever get off this coast!).

The scarf looks good with a black shirt (there's a crappy MySpace-esque self-portrait-in-the mirror still on my camera that I'll show you later), but I think it would be rather cutesy with my dark (oh, wait, it's black, isn't it?) Calvin Klein (a total steal at Filene's a few years ago) denim jacket. Hmm... maybe I'll do a Nice Face-style outfit (btw, isn't she fabulous?) profile featuring this scarf...

All MySpace-y and stuff.

Anyway, if you want the pattern (make a chain of bobbles, then granny around it), go here, or Ravel it here. I realized this morning that everyone else (the pattern designer and and the one other person on Ravelry with a photo) did four rounds of color. Mine's three, which is why it seemed kinda skinny and why I got it done in one evening (though learning Arabic on my new Rosetta Stone* software slowed me up a bit, so maybe I could have done another round without that distraction).

*Can you tell I'm totally in love with this thing? I started Core Lesson 2 last night, and was totally baffled at how smart I'm getting.

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Nigel and Danielle said...

I might just have to go to trader joe's and test this fantastic new shampoo. I'm getting sick of my herbal essances.