Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fridgie Nuts

It all started with a teeny apple magnet I crocheted for a Craftster swap last Friday.

I quickly became smitten with the notion of completing an entire project (one that's both cute and useful) in just a few minutes.

Since then I've made a candy corn fridgie (a magnet, but "fridgie" is way cuter, don't ya think?),

a flower fridgie,

a bunny fridgie,

and an owl fridgie.

I think with the owl I've crossed over from "hip crocheter" to "crazy lady who makes weird things and gives them away and people have to pretend to like them or at least keep them out when I come over." Not that I've given any of these away, but I think I might. I know I'm sending my grandmother one along with the pattern so she can go nuts making owl fridgies right along with me!


Lembkes said...

I think the bunny is super cute. The stuff you make is always so incredible.

daina said...

all of these are so cute. The owl and the flower are my favorites! (BTW, saw your crackster post, that's what brought me here)