Thursday, July 10, 2008


I owe this blog a post, big time.

There's too much crazy-exciting stuff going on, so count yourself lucky if you're reading this in these nice, short sentences instead of listening to me go spazzy trying to explain everything.

We're going to Los Angeles tomorrow to visit Dan's office/our neighborhood/downtown L.A.

We had a fabulous mini-vacation in Maine last weekend with our friends The Anathases. We did lots of touristy things (which was surprisingly fun, and weird, too, because I felt like a tourist instead of a Mainer annoyed by tourists). (Okay, that sentence wasn't short.) I wish I could have spent more time with my family, though. Next time. We probably have some sweet pictures, but we forgot our camera in Maine. It should be in The Athanases' mail box today.

My dad got me a sweet mug. And a long time ago I mentioned I wanted a pair of giant knitting needles, and he had them waiting for me! He made them! I screamed a lot. I was very excited.

I started knitting a sweater. It's Dan's birthday present. I bought him a knitting pattern and gave him a link to Knit Picks to choose the yarn. Now I must assemble.

A little Daigle was born. I'm very excited about this. I hope I get to see her before she's not a baby anymore. I've started one present for her. The other ones are still only in my head.

Dan and I went for a walk in downtown Lowell on Monday. We walked by a fabric store, and they had trashcans full of fabric outside. I took a piece. I should have taken more, but I didn't have time to browse. I'm shy about being caught dumpster-diving.

There's probably a whole lot more, but I can't remember it all right this second. That's good enough for now, anyway. Besides, you can bet I'll have a nice, juicy post during and/or after our little long-weekend adventure that starts tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and work is nuts; that's why I haven't been very post-y.


Danielle A. said...

Those knitting needles are amazing, and I can't wait to see what you come up with when you use them. I have also thought about it and decided that a giant crochet hook would not be as cool. In fact, a giant crochet hook - unlike your knitting needles - I think would be dumb. :)

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

How funny, that picture is my most viewed picture from all of my thousands of pictures on Flickr. I can't wait to see what you knit with then, as it's a bit of a task!