Thursday, June 12, 2008

Non-Poisonous Yo-Yos

The same lady who made our wedding cake has a bakery business out of her home. She sells her baked goods at Toziers, a small family-owned deli and convenience store in Bucksport, Maine.

Dan discovered, while working there, a delicious little thing called a "yo-yo." It was two big, flat peanut butter cookies sandwiched together with chocolate frosting. Since going trans fat-free, we've had to give up these shortening-laden wads of goodness.

...until now!

Last night I made an all-natural, vegan version -- and they're great!

I used this recipe for the cookies, and I adapted a vegan buttercream frosting recipe I have to be chocolate-y. The dough was very sticky, so I added more flour. It slowly became like a thick paste, so I was a little nervous. (More dark, dirty secrets about my food. Sorry, all you people who have to eat these things tonight.) But cooked, they are fantastic!

The only way I could get the fork marks in the cookies was to roll them in sugar, but I knew I had to do that anyway to get the crispy outer layer like the Bucksport version. These are smaller and puffier, but they look more like yo-yos -- and they're not going to make me die!

Full recipe for Yo-Yos That Won't Make You Die coming soon!

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Danielle A. said...

Having experienced these live and in person, I can testify to their yumminess.


Like that.