Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pie Crust Review

(That sounds like a jazz band.)

I made a Mississippi sweet potato pie last Thursday. Not wanting to use up all my non-hydrogenated Earth Balance on a recipe that calls for shortening, I searched for a vegan recipe. I found this one made with flour, olive oil, salt, and water.

I only needed a single crust, so I halved the recipe. In the end, I added a lot of extra water, but it was still a very tough dough. I rolled it out the best I could, then put it in the pie plate and squished the rest into place.

After about an hour in the oven, my pie looked fabulous. I let it cool, stuck it in the fridge, then left it there till Sunday. After a tough hike up Mt. Mansfield that morning, it was a wonderful treat after dinner.

The filling was perfect, but the crust was tough to cut--even with our best knife (which, admittedly, isn't all that fabulous). Though the knife didn't work well, the crust was, after wrestling each bite with a fork, a good consistency for eating. The top edges were especially crunchy and a nice contrast for the smooth filling and fluffy whipped cream.

We had another piece last night, and the crust hadn't gotten at all soggy. I wonder how it will be tonight when we share the other half with our pals? The crust tastes perfectly fine (even though it smelled pretty strongly of olive oil in its raw state), but I definitely won't be using this recipe again.

Does anyone have a go-to pie recipe that doesn't use lots of solid fat? Have you tried substituting apple sauce? (Hm... maybe I'll try that next! I bet no one will complain if I make another one of these pies!)

Soon I'll give you a recipe for sweet potato cookies. I had an extra cup of mashed sweet potato, a theory, and some free time that ended up very well. I forgot to take a picture, but everyone has been asking for more anyway...

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