Monday, June 16, 2008

Peaches, Music, Life Alive, and Chelmsford

Last weekend was a full one!

On Friday I got out of work early. After using a 50%-off coupon on a huge ball of cotton yarn, I went home and got nutty with the Perler beads. These are the very same beads I've had since I was a kid. I have so many different colors (even if there's only one or two left of a certain color), that I'm sure I have original beads left from my first kit.

When Dan got home, I gave him his Mario and we watched Casino Royale with the Blu-ray player and projector he brought home from work.

On Saturday, Danielle and I went to Marie's house to learn how to can peaches. We made quarters in a light syrup and jam.

It turns out canning isn't at all scary! I look forward to trying some other fruits on my own this summer.

Later in the evening, we went to Framingham for sushi and a show. (It was my first real time eating meat since becoming a raw-pescatarian, and digestion was not easy. I can't even imagine what trying to digest cow flesh would feel like. Ouch and ew.) Tony Astolfi opened for Brooks Williams. I was totally blown away. I won't go into details because my ideas aren't totally fleshed out yet, but Brooks Williams is to music what Andre Dubus III is to literature. (I'll work on it and post the essay later. Probably much later.)

Tony is a student of Brooks, and I think it's funny how much they resemble each other. For those of you who know Tony, you'll see that they are both tall and thin. At the show, they both wore a large untucked shirt over narrow pants. Give Tony a few years and he'll have crazy hair and cowboy boots, too!

We had lunch at Life Alive on Sunday. While enjoying our wraps, we recalled walking into the small cafe a few years ago and being a bit grossed out by the all-veggie menu. Everything seemed so scary -- quinoa? tofu? Give us burgermeat! This time we took utter relief in knowing that we could order anything on the menu, but we were so torn when it came to actually making the decision! When we'd finally chosen, Dan ended up with "The Emperor," and I had "The Goddess." We sang the wraps' praises well into the evening. It's not a cheap lunch, so we won't go there very often, but the price is totally worth it, so we'll certainly be back again.

Dan and his Emperor wrap.

Kimberly and her Goddess wrap.

We look forward to taking our particularly veggie-friendly pals there. We have a menu at home, just waiting for special visitors!

After lunch, we visited the free-admission Revolving Museum in Lowell. It's pretty much the weirdest museum I've ever seen, but it's very interactive. I've got plans for a quilt memory game now, and Dan played an intense game of baseball with lights and motion sensors.

Later in the evening we took a walk through Chelmsford and discovered things we didn't know were there! Dan found a giant circle on a map, so he made it our mission to find the circle in real life. It was a water tower with plenty of interesting graffiti.

Among the spray-painted slogans were "Poop! PEE" and "METALLICA." There were also some defaming remarks against "Andy L.," "Miss Jamback," and "Brian O'Sullivan." (Brian O'Sullivan is a "faget," apparently. We think that's pronounced "fah-zhay." Maybe it's French.) There was also a big mushroom and a naked woman. On another tower further down the path we found an ad for a certain entertainment industry.

On the way home, we found another path into a little forest we never knew existed. We followed Beaver Brook out, and found another road we also didn't know was there and will soon demand we find out how far it goes.

After our walk we drove to Trader Joe's to get stocked up for two-day raw fast, then I baked biscuits to have with peach jam.

The last two biscuits and the dough scraps.

It will be nice to have more peach jam on Wednesday!


Dan said...

A wonderful summary of our weekend. I'm still singing the praises of Life Alive right now! I wanna go back!

Danielle A. said...

Nice pose in front of that "advertisement". :)

- Brooks was amazing
- Canning was easy
- I heart your perler bead thingies. :)