Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

I'll give some kind of prize to the first person who guesses what, exactly, I'm referring to with that title. No cheating.

And now, about the kindness of strangers.

I've been getting pretty swap-happy on lately. I even designed a swap journal page (Another contest! See below for details!) for keeping track of what I owe people and what people owe me.

I while ago, I sent a package to a lady in Seattle, and she was so excited about it, she insisted on sending me a gift in return (which she was totally not obligated to do). She sent me these fabulous 3-inch squares of fabric for my patchwork quilt:

I got those in the mail yesterday, along with another big envelope (more like a bag) full of craft supplies from a lady in Quincy:

I got four balls of cotton yarn, a bunch of 3-inch squares of fabric, and a bag full of yarn scraps for my yo-yo afghan. (Yay for S'n'Mexican on Friday!) That package sent me into quite the dither, but I managed to make myself a quilt block and start a blue and yellow ballband dishcloth. The crocheting will have to wait till Friday, probably.

So anyway, my point is: craftsters are fabulous, and they send cool presents.

(FedEx, not so much. They still haven't brought me my Magic Bullet! Grr.)

So now, about Contest #2: I have a Word document that I would like to have available for download on my blog (over there on the right with my patterns). I have a PDF available, too, if that works out better for your problem-solving. I tried uploading it to Google docs, but my formatting gets all whacky, and there's no way to fix it (though it's a great place to publish, Google isn't as good about lining stuff up as Word is; I blame it on the weird Tab function). So... how do I do it? You might also be interested in knowing that I own (which forwards directly to, so maybe I could host it from there? (I don't even know if "host it" is the right phrase.)

Have at it, folks! Two prizes available (to be determined by me, with some input allowed from you) to the first response for each puzzle. Feel free to make prize requests, but don't bother being ridiculous.


Benjamin Bustard said...

Are you talking about the anthology of works by Dalia Lama? And if so, can that be the prize?

Last year a few of the girls on my team sent away for something they called "the bullet", it came from Fedex also... except their "bullets" were actually vibrating sex toys... I'm hoping that from you using the word "magic" that I can assume you bought some sort of optical allusion toy... I mean, I don't care if you have sex toys, that's none of my business, it just seemed odd to me that you would blog about it... haha I'm sorry for all that, you can delete it if you want.

Kimberly Pye said...

Sorry, that answer is incorrect.

And for all you other goobs out there, this is a Magic Bullet:

(Yes, it's office-safe.)

Dan said...

If you go to, you can use the online storage space that your google account affords you. Over on the right side of the page, there's an "Uploaded stuff" section where you can upload the docs you wanna show. Once they're uploaded, you can click on them to see the link that you will put on your blog.

Next, go to blogger and click on the layout tab in the setup section of your blog. Add a Link List to the elements on the right side and then reference the docs you want to show.

Kimberly Pye said...
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Kimberly Pye said...

Dan won Contest #2! Congratulations! (And thanks a ton! The customizable Swap Journal Page is now available in the "Make" section of my sidebar!)