Friday, May 09, 2008

In its Stead

Instead of having a small group meeting last night (because we meet every other week now) we went to our friends' house in Salem, NH.

Instead of regular old pizza, Danielle made roasted red pepper and feta pizza. (Her recipe can be found here.) It was very delicious!

Instead of a more typical dessert, Danielle and I went to Blue Canoe to get F'Reals for everyone--after a trip to the dollar store. (F'Reals are awesome!)

Instead of having a fifth person take this picture, we used the timer. So, instead of actually being intoxicated by the vanilla F'Real (the rest of us had chocolate), Danielle only looks that way because she didn't have the opportunity to be as prepared for the photograph as she would have under normal circumstances.

Instead of the pretty bowl I painted, now I have a dollar-store bowl for eating soup and oatmeal at work. Except I left it at our friends' house, but that's okay because it's Friday and I can get it this weekend. (And instead of needing it to microwave my tofu dogs today, my boss is buying us lunch for hitting a big milestone in our new data collections process!)

Instead of doing something more normal, I worked on crocheting this bird with super chunky yarn. But I ran out of Lion Brand BIG in Panoramic Pink. I'm looking everywhere for it. If no one will just give me some, I can get it on Etsy for a little of five bucks after shipping. (That's not too bad.) You might not appreciate this enormity of this bird right now, but I promise I'll post a picture--no, no, a whole blog post--about this bird when he's done.

Instead of watching LOST last night, we got home at about 10:30 and then stayed up too late.

Instead of going to the gym this morning, I stayed in bed until about 7:40.

Instead of feeling awake and energized, I feel like crap.

Instead of making excuses, I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow.

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Danielle A. said...

Nice 'instead's. :)