Friday, May 23, 2008

Hot New Afghan!

The pattern is old, and I've been working on mine forever, so this afghan is anything but new. It is, however, at this very moment, a "hot new project" on Craftster!

This is a first for me, and I'm quite pleased! (Thanks, Danielle, for pointing this out to me!)

Funny how things work... I posted it yesterday because I was bored and because I figured I could use the opportunity to solicit some yarn scraps. I got one offer yesterday before I got a message from the moderators that soliciting a personal swap is not allowed. So they deleted that part of my post, but the begging is still in my signature!

It's not like I have a short supply of scraps; I just like the idea of people from all over the world owning a little piece of my blanket (not that I'll actually share it!).

Here's a list of people, besides myself, who have contributed so far:

Danielle A. - Salem, NH
Grammy Pratt - Oakfield, ME
Vandy - Fresno, CA
Homerof2 - Toronto, Canada
ThreadOrYarn - Quincy, MA

There are more pictures in the flickr set, where you can watch its progress as I add on clumps of yo-yos from different people.

1 comment:

Danielle A. said...

I am continuing to collect for you. Can't let the yo-yo-ghan or scrapghan be yarnless. ;)