Monday, May 19, 2008

Fish & Clowns

The Fish Part
I ate meat yesterday for the first time in about 31 days. It wasn't easy psyching myself up to do it, but when Dan said his spicy tuna maki was probably the best he'd ever had, I gave in. I spent much of Sunday's church service thinking about eating sushi and preparing myself to do so should we go to Sakura for lunch, but the gag reflex kept kicking in.

After one bite of that seaweed-, rice-, and egg sprinkles-covered tuna, I think I might be back to eating fish.

My reasoning goes like this:
1. It's good.
2. I'm only going to eat raw fish, which cuts down on the quantity of fish I'll be eating -- and I won't be eating fried fish ever again, which eliminates all the bad consequences associated with heating meat and heating oils to high temperatures.
3. I'll be eating less fish (and no shrimp, ever), so my contribution to the wasteful fishing industry is lessened. (I might eat locally-caught lobster if the opportunity presents itself for the same reasons listed above.)

I've heard it called semi-vegetarianism. I'll find out what it really is later. For now, I'm an ovo-lacto (only in stuff; I don't drink milk or use it on cereal, and I don't eat eggs if I can actually see them) who eats raw fish.

And now The Clown Part
My parents have just this very moment shut down their computers to pack up and leave. They're coming to my apartment, then we're going to Boston to pick up my brother! He's been in Denmark for 9 months, and it's super great to be able to see him again!

My mom is bringing me this clown:

I asked her who made it for me, but it turns out I fell in love with it at a yard sale. She said my grandmother was horrified and thought people would think she made it for me. I say she should be proud to take credit!

Last week I searched the internet for a pattern for this guy. I was even willing to pay money, but I found it for free here. I emailed the lady and asked her if the pattern makes a large clown with long dangly legs because I had one just like it, and I would love to be able to remake my childhood friend. She said it is!

I'll have my old, puke-stained clown back in just a few hours, and in many more hours of crochet-time, he'll have a friend!

(Rumor has it I'll also be getting some knitting needles like this. But my dad could be messing with my head.)

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