Thursday, April 10, 2008

Want an Obama!

Etsy seller markandrew is making Obama dolls (brought to my attention by the PlushYou! blog) and giving a third of his profits to the campaign. (Picture removed because I lifted it from the seller's Etsy site, and then I felt guilty, but I didn't want to ask permission to use it.)

I definitely can't justify spending $55.00 on a doll, or giving money to a political endeavor (I remain a conscientious objector to voting, especially as high up the ladder as for the presidency), but I have to admire and promote this person's creativity and dedication to a cause.

I won't be voting, but if I were forced to, I'd vote for Barack (even though both his first name and last name are so not United States President-like). My choice (were I to make it) is based totally on a hunch. I get bad vibes from Mr. Republican, and Hillary is a woman (and a crazy, yelling-all-the-time woman to boot). I've got a good feeling about this Obama lad.

What if he's not elected, and then a few years from now, we're like, "Oh, crap. That was dumb," like with Mr. Gore?

Or maybe he can do more good outside of the Oval Office, like Gore can and is. Al totally and forever changed my perspective on the environment, and I may never have taken him seriously as President Al Gore.

So who knows?


Danielle A. said...

Not much to say except good post, I pretty much agree with you on the Barack thing, and I just realized something.

If Obama becomes the next PUSA, I think it's hilarious that we'll have a President BO.

Kimberly Pye said...

Yep. That's another problem with his name. I wanted to use his initials so many times in my post, but I just couldn't do it.

Oh, well...

Danielle A. said...


That's it... if he wins I'm gettin' all grade school and calling him Old BO.