Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pineapple Burgers

Besides being a great way to remember what a musical triplet sounds like,* pineapple also works well on a hamburger. We learned this in Freeport when we cruised to the Bahamas last month.

Sharing the Backyard Jerk Burger at The Prop Club.

Two nights ago I surprised Dan with some ground beef, potato buns, a pineapple, and some Pickapeppa Jamaican jerk sauce (purchased on the sole recommendation of la familia Athanas). I cooked the meat and toasted the buns inside, and off we went to picnic by the church.

Pineapple burgers & salad.

The new jerk sauce, though nothing at all like what we had in the Bahamas (naturally), did not disappoint! And the burgers were fabulous! (As was the natural light for photographing food.)

Best hamburger ever.

But the temperature quickly dropped, so there was no after-picnic loitering. We brought the tray inside, put on some warmer clothes, and went for a walk.

I found a squirrel for my dead animal photography collection. I was caught without my camera on our last walk, and had to use Dan's cell phone to capture the dead bunny, which is not yet in that set, in case you were looking forward to seeing it. I remembered to bring the camera this time, determined never again to forget it on an excursion through Chelmsford.

*I had a hard time playing a certain part of a song in high school, and Mr. Nes told me it was "pineapple pineapple pineapple pie." Never messed it up again.


Danielle A. said...

That's it. I've heard enough. Steve and I are having pineapple hamburgers next week one night for dinner. I can't stand hearing about this goodness anymore and not tasting one for myself.

Kimberly Pye said...

Finally! Sheesh!

Rob Blatt said...

This will be attempted on my big ol' grill!

Danielle A. said...

We're trying it out on Thursday before group. I'll let you know how it goes. :)