Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Friend Fatigue & Back to the Kimball's

We humans have a tendency to think someday our friends will be sick of us and never want to see us again.

While I have contracted a chronic strain of friend fatigue once or twice in the past, there are some people I'll just never get sick of.

I'll also never get sick of Kimball's. The hugely-populated-even-on-a-rainy-day ice cream stand in Westford, Mass. never disappoints. On Saturday evening, we saw a rooster riding a goat:

And apparently the Doc was there, but we only saw his car:

Another crazy thing that happened this weekend has its roots back in Thing-A-Day. A fellow participant offered up polymer buttered toasts, but I pretty much thought it was joke. I replied regardless. Then, on Saturday, I got an email from him, asking me if I wanted it wired so I could hang it. I sent him my mailing address, and soon I'll be toastless no more!

Good friends and friendly strangers are always a welcome treat.

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Danielle A. said...

Man, that rooster was just weird. Just... weird.

"I'm the king of the goat!!"