Thursday, March 27, 2008

Too Much at Once

Today's uncured turkey bologna baloney (ah, much better) and muenster cheese sandwich with Miracle Whip was tastier than Monday's uncured turkey baloney and muenster cheese sandwich with spicy brown mustard. This is not a reflection of my feelings toward the two condiments; one just worked out better than the other.

Yesterday I picked up Dan's wallet from Best Fitness. It fell out of his pocket, and he left without it. A man found it and turned it in, but he took the twenty-dollar bill from it first. (Or someone else could have taken it, I guess, and then just left the wallet where it was for the other guy to find.) At least it was only twenty dollars, and it's better that crap happens to us than someone else who wouldn't handle it as well.

A Lisa Frank-themed condensed slumber party is in the works. May 10. Mark your calendar if Danielle A. and/or I know you pretty well and you live in the eastern half of Massachusetts (minus Cape Cod). Paper invitations, via snail mail, coming soon. (Note to Danielle: we should make people wear their pajamas, even though there will be no slumbering.)

I keep saying Anne Frank instead of Lisa Frank, and that's not very cool. But it makes people laugh. Poor Anne Frank. (You know, I never read that book. I probably never will. It's not my type.)

I'm working on a list called "100 Things About Myself." I'm going to post it soon. Five things to go.

The other day I noticed a thrift store in the Episcopal church behind our building. Dan and I are going there on Saturday between 10:00 and 3:00. Missy C. told me about a cool thrift store in Haverhill this morning. Laura H. and I might go there Saturday afternoon. We don't know for sure yet.

I can rip really big pieces of skin off my arm from that horrible sunburn I got in the Islands of the Bahamas. It's nasty. And the part of my legs that got burnt are the color of Italian eggplants. They only hurt when I touch them.

I've been taking pictures of my new dragon. The flickr set is here. I'm debating whether to call him Custard after the Ogden Nash poem, or give him some other name and make my own set of toys based on all the characters in the poem. I'm leaning toward the latter.

Any good name suggestions for this guy?

The name's gotta be super stellar.

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Danielle A. said...

Someone's gotta have a suggestion for him. Are you any closer yourself?