Sunday, March 09, 2008

Scrap Friend

A couple weeks ago, someone on Ravelry offered to send me some scraps for my yo-yo afghan. Today, a big envelope full of little wads of yarn arrived! Dan had to spend some time at the office today, so I tagged along and turned this:

into this:

Those two short rows at the bottom belong to Vandy in Fresno. Thanks, Vandy! These colors are fabulous!

(There were also three variegated balls and one ball of very chubby blue yarn I'm saving for the other scrapghan.)

And because she was so nice to offer to send me these, I was able to meet someone who works in a children's clinic! I have a couple more birthday gifts and swap projects to make, then I can start making toys for the kids she works with in California!

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Danielle A. said...

That is sooo cool! Let me know if you need any other toys to send along when you send 'em. :)