Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mission: Root Canal Accomplished

That was nothin'!

The lady assured me Dr. Wang is very good, and he was! I didn't even feel the initial Novocaine shot, or the one after that, and when there was a little pinch with the needle that went right into the root area in the back side of my gums, Dr. Wang said, "That's the worst part of the procedure. I guarantee it."

He did not lie. When he was drilling out the inside of my tooth, I felt a tiny bit of pain, but only a few small prickly feelings. And I felt no pressure, as I was told I might, when he filed out the inside.

I read all about the procedure on this site a couple weeks ago, so I knew everything that was happening. The site says, "For the average person and the average case, root canal treatment is a nonevent and not any more uncomfortable than having a filling placed." It's true! But it's cooler than having a filling placed because the dentist uses more interesting tools and manages to stuff all kinds of crazy things (rolled up paper, something melty that smokes on occasion, cotton balls, and who knows what else) into the tooth-hole. I'm glad I read about it; otherwise I would have been completely freaked out.

So, half of my mouth is still numb. (Have you ever felt only half your tongue? It's weird, isn't it?) I'm waiting to get all my sensation back, then Dan's taking me to the Old Court in Lowell for chicken wings he claims are very good. (It's my reward for being brave.)

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Lembkes said...

I just had two fillings done today. But mine was painful. I had to get 3 shots of Novocaine and I could still feel what she was doing. I guess I have an overly sensitive tooth. I am glad yours went so well.

The right side of my mouth was numb, and I could only feel half of my tongue. I was so hungry, but I was frustrated because I couldn't taste anything.