Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Insurance Assurance

Insurance is a funny thing. It's like a casino game you're guaranteed to win at least once, but you'll probably never win enough times to earn back all you're money. If you do earn back all you're money, you must be in pretty bad shape. (But you'll be glad you invested all that money ahead of time.)

And a person can buy insurance on just about anything. There are the normal things, like car and health insurance. And there are more specific variations of those, like different levels of liability for the car insurance, and there's dental and vision insurance. Then there's homeowner insurance and all the types that fall under that: flood, fire, volcano... (Yes, volcano. Remember when Peter Griffin bought it with Lois' rainy day money?) You can even get health insurance for your pet. (A friend a work has this, and she says it's great.) If you want, there's also a company offering courier insurance.

And then there's life insurance. We have it in our heads that we should live for a certain amount of time, and when we die someone should get lots of money. If we live a healthy life, that someone should get even more money. If we get really, really sick and we don't have life insurance yet, no one will sell it to us because we're not worth the risk. (The house has a poor chance of winning that game, and they're smart enough not to play.)

You can pretty much insure anything, and Autonet Insurance is a good place to start because they "find users the best quote for the type of insurance they are interested in."

Volcano insurance, anyone?

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