Monday, March 24, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

We got back from the Bahamas on Saturday. I still have some land sickness (either that or they put my office on a house-boat while I was away).

We had a fabulous time, despite getting all burnt to heck and being a bit weirded out by the Southern Baptist Christian culture permeating the ship. (While we were waiting for our turn to leave the ship on Saturday morning, I heard some woman in the hall attack a steward guy with the lamest invitation ever to "accept Jesus into his heart." Poor guy. I hope he doesn't think all Christians are as annoying as some of the people who were on that ship are. I wanted to stop her, but I was too chicken.)

Cable Beach, Nassau

When I got to church on Sunday, Danielle had my PIF-present waiting for me! He's a baby dragon, and I luff him. (But I haven't named him yet.) I took this picture of him trying to eat a white chocolate Reese's Cup. I had to open it for him because his arms are too short. And then I had to eat it for him because his mouth doesn't open.

Baby Dragon by D. Athanas, Crocheter

He's hanging out with me in the office today. He had dinner with us at Casa Blanca last night, too (picture, blog post, and rave review coming soon).

I also had little seedlings waiting for me! I planted these the Saturday before we left, and they were poking out of the peat pellets when I got home!

Chives, Parsley, Basil, and Cilantro

If all goes well, I should have herbs coming out of my ears!

The week went super fast, but we had a fun time, and we're glad to be home. There's really nothing like sleeping in your own bed on land (and not trying with all your might to keep from rolling out when the sea gets too rough).

And now I can look forward to all the fun Summery things ahead (like Boston-strolling with friends, camping, hiking, and making ice cream in the ice cream ball), a possible move to the west coast, and a trip to Disney World (just ten months from today)!

ETA: Oh, and one more thing! We watched both parts of Grindhouse over the course of the weekend. Did you know Bruce Willis killed bin Laden?! The things our government keeps from us! Sheesh!

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Danielle A. said...

Commenting on your photos:

Look at you gettin' all chilled out and sippin' a cool beverage. :) Can't wait to hear more/all about the rest of the cruise!!!

I love that you love your dragon. :) And... I also love the photo caption. For some reason it amuses me.

And... YAY for baby plants!!! :)