Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Free money!

I am not even kidding. To date I've made sixty-two dollars on PayPerPost, and I wasn't even trying very hard.

I made $20 just for signing up and blogging about it, then a couple ten-dollar blogs and a few easy five-dollar blogs, and here I am!

In the meantime I made one Etsy sale, and now I'm just a few dollars away from getting that share of the Fall 2008 harvest of merino.

I never would've been able to justify spending $100 on goat fur, but this money is totally discretionary (all mine mine mine!), so I can spend it on whatever the heck I feel like.

Wanna play? Click up there on the pretty purple box.

(I'm totally not getting paid to tell you how awesome PPP is; I just really do love it.)

1 comment:

Danielle A. said...

You're tempting me. You're really, really tempting me. That whole "mine mine mine" thing.