Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Best Eye Doctor Ever

I just had an appointment with Dr. Adelstein in Chelmsford, Mass. Go there. He's fabulous. He's a bit hyper, and I've been told he goes to Best Fitness (as is necessary for at least one person in every social and professional circle I belong to, apparently), but I also got out of there with an eye exam, four boxes of contacts, and a bonus pair to wear home for twenty-five bucks.

So that's Monday. I have exciting things lined up for the rest of the week, too, to keep me busy while I wait for embarkation on the 17th.

Tuesday: Sushi lunch date with pals from work. Boot camp class at 6:30 pm.
Wednesday: Hip hop class at 6:30.
Thursday: Journey Group. (Oh, wait! Even better: that means it's Sal's night!)
Friday: Root canal. (That's not a joke; I'm really undergoing a root canal.)
Saturday: Stitch'n'Crepes.
Sunday: The 'rents and g'rents are coming! (Maybe they'll be here in time to have sushi!)

Also this week I need to clean (two generations of mothers showing up on Sunday: eek!), get my hairs cut, and buy some travel-y things.

Here's to hoping this week flies by like crazy!

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Danielle A. said...

Yay for a great and fun week! Sunday and Monday will be here before you know it.