Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend Adventures at Home

Remember the good ol' days? When magazines had ads like this:

...and you could order a mix tape through the mail?

I never did order one of those tapes because I never knew pop music well enough to choose ten songs. Maybe I should try sending it in (not that my musical awareness has improved all that much).

By the way, both of those pages were ripped out of the November 25, 1993 issue of Women's World (or something like that; I'll check when I get home). I dug through all the early-nineties craft magazines I had in the trunk of my car. They're awesome. Expect some fab (??) new projects in the weeks to come...

And just when you thought my weekend couldn't possibly be more exciting... Look what I did!

I attempted blocking an acrylic scarf that got itself all twisted up as I knit it. It turns out blocking a scarf doesn't just make it flatter and wider; it makes it hecka longer. After "killing the acrylic" (steaming the ever-loving heck out of it), I folded it in half and pinned it to my ironing board to dry flat. Folded in half, it's perfectly long enough for a normal human being. I'm a little afraid of unpinning it; it's probably close to 10 feet long. (Oops! ^.^)

And I made a vindaloo dish with the seasoning I got from Penzeys Spices. (I also ordered the Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle and some nutmeg. I am very pleased with all three.) I think an Indian person would be very pleased with my combination of flavor, heat, and texture.


Dan said...

I know at least one American person who is very pleased with your combination of flavor, heat, and texture. Mmmmmmm...

Danielle A. said...

Looks yummy... :)