Saturday, February 02, 2008


...starts today!

I've put the blog roll on my Google Reader, and it's starting to get irritating as heck. Everybody's all Here goes nothing. or All I made was this: or This is crap, but....

Give it up, people. Enough with the self-conscious false modesty.

Danielle and I are kicking off the month-long event with a crafting twosome this evening, and we're gonna rock. We're gonna rock every single day. Everything we make is going to be fabulous, and we're going to love it, and we're going to be happy with ourselves and what we can do.

None o' that low self-esteem crap everybody else is slingin'. Got it?

1 comment:

Danielle A. said...

I just laughed out loud hysterically. Ask Steve.

That's awesome. Yeah, we're awesome, and we're going to make awesome things because we're awesome. People will stare in awe at our creations.

(S'at good?) :)