Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 22 - Anthropomorphized Corks & Elephant

I actually got to leave work early today!

As soon as I got home (actually, I cast on while Dan was driving me home), I made two Korknisse (Korknisses? Korknisser?).

The orange one is kool-aid dyed wool I got from someone in England in exchange for some kool-aid packets (which are hard to come by in GB). It's another one of those yarns I don't have enough of to make anything significant, but I'm able to showcase it quite well on the little cork.

The second one (the fifth one in the growing family) is the silliest of the bunch so far.

We watched endured No Reservations this evening, too. That was the worst movie I've seen in a very, very long time. Wicked, wicked stupid with a lame plot, unconvincing characters, a whole lotta loose ends, and some embarrassingly cheesy attempts at romantic lines. Oh, man. It was so horrible.

But I had this to keep me busy:

I wanted to make him all gray-ish like in the book (yeah, the book), but I ran out after making the ears. I mustered all my creativity and decided he's wearing footsy pajamas. And he was much too bald with nothing on his head. Elephants have never been able to wear hats because of those humongous ears, so he got hair instead. I like it. (I tried giving him brown hair at first, but he looked like a very disturbed human child. Not good.)

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The Mad Crocheter said...

My copy of the book is in the mail. I can hardly wait!

(Wandered over from Ravelry, where my mind was blown by all your cute projects. Hi!)