Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dream Bed

Dan and I both slept rather crappily last night. I've been sleeping rather poorly for a few days now, actually. I partly blame the bed.

I've always wanted a memoryfoam bed, but those are so expensive--and not fun for jumping on. (I wouldn't refuse the gift, though!) True Story: Dan and I stayed at a hotel in Rhode Island once, and when I tried to plop on the (unexpectedly hard because it was a Tempur-Pedic) bed, I almost sent my spine through my brain. (It was a good night's sleep, though!)

I found a web site that sells just about every sleep-related accessory a person could need. If I had lots of extra British pounds to spend, I'd get the flexcell 25 memory foam mattress. (It's the most expensive I could find, but not at all unreasonable compared to what I know of other memory foam mattresses. That means it's the best, right?)

The also have leather beds, and that seems like the coolest thing ever. I'd get the florence leather bed because it's not too high off the floor (we keep our mattress on the floor, and we like it that way), and it doesn't have a high foot board (that would make me nervous, or claustrophobic, or something).

Dan said if we move to L.A., we're ditchin' our old one and buying a new mattress. (Add that to the list of pros for relocating!) I can't wait.

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