Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 8, 9, 10 - In Montréal

I managed to produce something each day while we were in Canada. No pictures yet, but here's the record:

Friday, Feb. 8: I finished my Chevron scarf, and I love it! I still have to block it, though.
Saturday, Feb 9: I completed one purple knitted fish for my latest afghan endeavor.
Sunday, Feb. 10: I crocheted a squirrel. I have a couple ideas regarding what I'll actually do with the silly thing, neither of which can be discussed here.

I did eat poutine,* and Dan and I shared two slices of tarte au sucre.** It was a fabulous weekend, but I'm really looking forward to my peanut butter and fluff sandwich at lunch and a 30-minute session on the elliptical before dinner.

*I'm still not sure if what I had counts. La Paryse uses shredded cheese instead of curds, and honestly, it really wasn't worth it.

** Both were very tasty, but one was too runny and one was too firm. I still think the tarte at Le Marie Beaupré is the best.

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