Thursday, February 07, 2008

Day 6 - Save Seven Cents

Every paper bag used at Trader Joe's costs Joe 7 cents. Every time we use these two suckers we'll be saving our favoritest company 14 cents! Woo!

Plus, January was the last month we were allowed to use plastic bags (self-inflicted rule).

I used some zippers and handle-y stuff for handles. Notice I didn't even bother with finding matching zippers. Nope. I'm just that cool. Or something.

I also tried on those would-be fabulous tights, and, um, yeah... not so much. I should have used opaque tights and a darker dye. Ivory nylons and rose Rit just didn't cut it.

(Mr. Pink only loves me for my chewy, tasty leather shoes.)

1 comment:

Danielle A. said...

Maybe try a purple over them? As an experiment?

The bags are awesome. Great idea!