Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 18 - Oatmeal Bowl

I painted an oatmeal bowl for work at You're Fired in Salem, NH with Danielle this afternoon. She painted a thingy to keep her rings 'n' stuff in by her bed.

Then we investigated the elusive CraftMania behind Sal's.

It was, sadly, closed.

And we got some mad deals at Jo-Ann's. The cash-register-fellow was perhaps the nicest cash-register-person I have ever encountered. Danielle paid first, then I followed, and he said, "Why so many happy people today?" (But he was totally happy about it; not grumpy, like some people would be. And I think part of his delight was in the comment the lady a few places ahead of us made about how friendly he was. And he was totally a non-annoying friendly.) I said, "There's nothing to be unhappy about!"

Then we played lots o' Guiitar Hero and ate a second meal at Restaurante Athanas (wicked good cheesy chicken!) and played with yarn and more Guitar Hero and played Loaded Questions and Apples to Apples and then more Guitar Hero, and then we went home.

It was totally the best Presidents' Day I can remember.


Danielle A. said...

That fellow at Joanns WAS wicked nice. :)

I concur with your statement "It was totally the best Presidents' Day I can remember" also. What an awesome day! Thanks for comin' over. :)

Kimberly Pye said...

Thanks for letting us come over and stay all day!

(Dan played more GH when we got home.) :-P