Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 14 - Crayola

Dan and I went to The Java Room this evening. It was so nice to go on a sweet, simple date. The food was great and the piano was wonderful.

When we got home, we watched LOST,* and I colored a picture for Thing-A-Day.

My dad gave me the coloring book and a cotton pajama set. It was something about making sure I stay little... And yes, I colored in my coloring book on our honeymoon. (Dan read Harry Potter! It all worked out just fine! Leave me alone!)

Oh! And Dan surprised me with a Valentine's Day present** -- the new Jack Johnson CD! He gave me a CD on our first Valentine's Day ever, too (just three days before I said I'd be his lady). That was in 2000 -- eight freakin' years ago!

*What the crap?!
**I, too, had a little present up my sleeve, but it wasn't as good. Just some overpriced ice cream marshmallow thingies he always eyes when I drag him into Michael's.

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