Monday, January 07, 2008

Vegetarian Weekend

It started out as Vegan Weekend, but we failed the first meal. (Such an endeavor takes more preparation than going on a Friday-afternoon whim.) After we dropped off Steve and Danielle at the Manchester airport, we went to the Airport Diner (a member of Common Man family, and it had the exact same menu as the Tilt'n Diner). I had an omelette, and Dan had chocolate chip pancakes. No meat, but plenty of animal-derived products.

Giant pile of bacon in front of a giant pile of home fries

So we made it a Vegetarian Weekend instead. For lunch on Saturday, I made Trader Joe's Biryani. For dinner Nathan and Priscila made chickpea curry. On Sunday, John and Laura came over to discuss small groups, and I made pizza. After lunch I made Peanut Butter Bombs from Hannah Kaminsky's super fabulous cookbook, My Sweet Vegan.

Peanut Butter Bomb

They came out very tasty, but next time I think I'd roll the chocolate part around the peanut butter part instead of sandwiching the pb between two chocolate circles. The chocolate part is good (and contains peanut butter), but I wanted that peanut butter filling in every bite!

And let me point out, for the slower among you, that this book is vegan. Yep. No milk, eggs, or butter in the cookies. Ca-razy. I think it's some kind of magic.

I also managed to find a vegan "butter" (read margarine without trans fat). The brand is Earth Balance, and it's all vegetable oils, but without the hydrogenation. It even has less saturated fat than real butter, so there's absolutely no reason for all of you not to switch over completely. It's like miracle food. It tastes fabulous (I slathered all kinds of it on pizza dough to make cheesy garlic bread) it bakes wonderfully (I used it in the Bombs), and it's cheap (same price as butter).

So go buy some of that and Ms. Kaminsky's book.

I also finished Sheldon's hot bod (sans legs) yesterday. He's a turtle, and he has a removable shell (yet to be knit). Free pattern here.

Naked, limbless Sheldon

I've been searching all over for those little black safety eyes, but they're nowhere in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. I finally found loads of 'em at Jo-Ann's in Bangor, Maine (which I've decided is the best one I've ever been to in my entire life, and I'd really like to see a better one, because I bet it doesn't exist).

I like Sheldon. He's a fun pattern. After this blue-toned one, I'm going to make a green-bodied one and give him all kinds of different "outfits," but that will probably be a long time from now.

I'm fasting from knitting at work until after the S'n'B on January 19. I've been thinking a lot lately that much of my free time is spent playing with yarn, and I'm afraid of it making me stupid. So at lunch I'll be reading books instead, to keep certain parts of my brain from deteriorating.

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