Friday, January 11, 2008


My blog is now a proud member of the Pay Per Post community!

was a bit skeptical at first, but I saw that a few other blogs I read had done it, and since I sometimes get bored and sign up for things, I was a likely recruit.

Apparently, what happens is this: I find opportunities on a list of those available. I reserve the ones I like, then I do the writing. The people who posted the offer can then say, "Hey, look! This person wrote all about it! Go read!" And then PPP puts the money in my Pay Pal account.

I tried to be all sneaky and use my own Pay Pal account so I could surprise Dan with my mad wads of cash, but apparently I don't have one, and my email address is linked to our account. I can't be too sneaky, though, can I, when I have to write this little thingy to get my twenty bucks? The secret's out!

Maybe this will be the fuel to feed my yarn addiction and worsening yarn-snobbery, or maybe now Dan and I can be stay-at-home DINKs forever!!

(Cha-ching! I just got paid to tell you how cool Pay Per Post is!)

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