Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Once again, we didn't make our eye appointment as scheduled. Last week we showed up in Nashua when the appointment was in Salem. (How was I supposed to know! I called a Mass. number, so clearly it was in the Nashua mall, not the Salem one! And I've never even been to the Sears Optical in Salem; why was their number in my phone?!)

So we rescheduled for last night in Nashua (technically, Tyngsboro, I guess). But yesterday morning I got a call from Amanda saying that they don't take our eye insurance, would I like to cancel? Yes, I would.

I originally went to Sears Optical a couple years ago because they were having a huge sale on eyeglasses (and LensCrafters totally ripped me off, so I took those lenses back and got some from Sears on the cheap).

So we have to reschedule. Again.

But next time I buy glasses (which may be sooner than planned or necessary, because what I'm about to tell you is crazy!), I'm checking out Zenni Optical. Glasses very similar to mine are just eight bucks! (They have other more expensive glasses, too, but even the highest-price category is only $19.)

There are additional fees for bifocals, progressive lenses, and other upgrades, but anti-scratch coating and UV protection are free!

I'm not even making this up. They save tons of money by selling their own manufactured lenses directly to the customer, and they have a very small advertising budget, so customers save too! (When I was at the gym last night there was an ad on TV for an amazing deal at LensCrafters: lenses for just $99. No, thanks.)

I let you know how it goes! (If I ever get to the eye doctor.)

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Danielle A. said...

Good luck! Definitely let us know how it goes. :)