Tuesday, January 08, 2008

GAP Scarf Rip-Off

I saw this scarf at a GAP in New York City last month. The regular price was about thirty dollars, but it was on sale for twenty. I don't pay twenty dollars for scarves, especially knit ones that I can make if I try hard enough, and on top of that I'm not sure how I feel about those faux fur pom-poms on the end.
After lots of squinting at the computer screen and doing weird math, I think I've written the chart for a scarf that will look so much like the GAP one, any knitter who bought one will feel like a big goofball. As soon as I test it out and work out any kinks, I'll share it with everyone!

I'm not entirely opposed to the pom-poms (they do make good weapons against passers-by). Maybe a same-color pom-pom? I want to maintain the pinched-off ends. Any suggestions?

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