Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chills & Thrills

On Saturday morning we went to Mine Falls Park in Nashua, NH. (This is the best picture of me because I was so bundled up, I looked rather chubby.)

This tree looked like a hand in real-life. (See the little patch of snow? That's where the palm is.)

After walking slowly through the park, dodging dog poop, and throwing lots of fallen wood into the river (or across the ice in an attempt to make it slide into the river), we went to Mambo Grill in Lowell. I broke fast with a grilled veggie burrito that was, besides the beans, lettuce, and rice, mostly green peppers and onions with one slice of mushroom. But don't get me wrong; it was delicious!

Los Athanas brought Guitar Hero for the Wii (want it!) and two pints of Ben & Jerry's (want more!) to chase the chickpea curry I made for dinner. I based my improvisation on the chickpea curry I stirred at Casa Keliher a few weeks ago, but I omitted the coconut stuff. I added some soy milk and yogurt instead. It's funny how it just tastes like mediocre Italian food until you get it all creamy-colored. Dan and I had the leftovers for lunch today. It was still delicious.

And yesterday we went to Dan's office so he could finish up some last-minute work for the Germans. I made a green pig, installment one of two for the Lembkes. The other one is to be blue.

This is just about the easiest pattern I've ever followed in my life. There are a few animals on the Lion Brand web site that use the same rotund body as a base. I've started a frog in the same style as well. Not exactly challenging, but a quick thrill (and sometimes that's all ya need).

P.S. See that glowing TV in the background? We just finished watching the last episode of LOST Season 3. Oh. Em. Gee.


Danielle A. said...

Cute pig!!! :)

And... the chickpea curry was SUPER yummy. Thanks for having us!

Kimberly Pye said...


I'm glad you liked the curry!

Lembkes said...

Courtney was very excited when she saw the picture of the pig. She is now walking around saying, oink oink.