Wednesday, January 02, 2008

75 Days and Counting

My mom booked the rooms for the cruise today. We're in Room M50 on the Main Deck.

Here's an idea of the cozy conditions I'll be sleeping in for a few days. There's not really a window there; that's just a set of curtains to trick the passenger out of claustrophobia.

We're pretty tucked in on the ship, though, so if we hit any giant ice burgs at night, we're toast. At least I'll look good when I'm wearing my new hand-knit cami. ;-)

(What?! Only 75 days?! Crap!)


Danielle A. said...

Ooooh! So exciting, so close to your awesome vacation. :) You guys are going to have a great time.

Steve Athanas said...

Recently, I've become more enthused about the idea of taking a cruise.

I wonder if they offer tours of the bridge. That's totally what I would most want to do on a boat that large.