Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekend Adventures

I had to face the facts this morning: I have a real job now, and there are no more snow days. It's not like the weather is even remotely bad this morning, but most of the schools in the area are either delayed or closed completely today. Though the parking lot for our apartment complex was completely covered in snow and ice, the road to work was just fine, and it was silly of me to think I would have any trouble getting to work.

I had a great weekend, spending a portion of every day with Danielle! On Friday, we S'n'Bee-otched, then she cooked us (Steve, Dan, and me) breakfast on Saturday morning before our trek to L.L.Bean, then she cooked us (Missy and me) lunch before we all wrote Christmas cards. (Hm. Looks like I owe somebody a meal, since I did no cooking all weekend!)

On our journey, Steve and Danielle got to meet Eartha:
Back row: Eartha
Front row (L to R): Danielle A., Steve A.
Not pictured: Dan P., Kimberly P.

At the Delorme store, I got a new Arabic Groove CD, and at L.L.Bean I got the Nalgene and key-chain bottle opener I wanted. Then we went to the GAP outlet and I got over $100 worth of stuff for about $20!

I made this on the way home from Freeport:

And on top of all that, I finished 2 3/4 homemade Christmas presents this weekend!

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Danielle A. said...

I love the "not pictured" line on your caption.

Also - I had a fabulous time this weekend! Hopefully you guys did too. :)

Third, you by far got the best deals this weekend. :)