Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Indeed!

Today has pretty much been the best day ever, and it's not even 10:00 am yet!

Dan and I got home late last night, and we stayed up even later eating cheese and trying to figure out who the heck sent Dan a friend invitation on MySpace (long lost best pal from school who looks really different and has lots of kids). At just about midnight, Dan got off the couch and went into The Scary Room (the still-not-unpacked craft/music room). I almost asked what he was doing, but I'm working on not asking stupid questions like that when I can just see what he's doing from anywhere in the house. He came back to the couch and put something around my shoulders (I didn't see any of this). I was all like "Oh, that's sweet! He got me a blanket. Wait. Why is it plastic-y? Holy crap!"

And then I took it off, made sure it was totally real and I wasn't dreaming, and totally could not stop smiling for like 7 minutes!

So now I have the coveted L.L.Bean vest with fur on the edge! And I gotta say: I really, really like the sensation of feeling warm but having cool arms. And I like that I can actually wear a down-filled vest without looking like Yeti's long-lost cousin (a sentiment felt with just about every other vest I've tried on). This vest. Is. Fabulous.

Then my mom called me a few minutes before 7:00 this morning. I tolerated it, but then I called her back a few minutes later when I was more awake and had a better chat. She gave me way too much information about how much better she feels today than she did exactly 23 years ago.

And then I got into my warm car that had been running for several minutes (a birthday present from myself since I was actually up early enough to start it ahead of time thanks to my darling mother) and drove to work. I had a birthday card waiting for me wedged in my keyboard, and everyone seems to be in a generally good mood (we might get out early on account of the foretold storm).

I'm pretty sure this isn't the end of today's fun, and it's only The First Day of Kimberly's Birthday! I'm getting my parents' gift on The Eleventh Day, and who can say what will happen on all those days in between?!

Oh! And yesterday I finished this bear for my grandmother's Christmas present. She still needs clothing, but I think it's near the top of the list of cutest things I've ever made. I'm quite proud of it. And I think it's adorable that she's so chubby she can't put her arms down.

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Danielle A. said...

Happy Birthday!!!