Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Compulsory Post Mostly About Sushi

I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do, but I'm posting a blog for the sake of posting a blog. Dan hypocritically pointed out that I haven't posted in a quite a while, so I'm selflessly giving in.

Last night was a rough night for finding food because we were pretty set on having fish, and since we live next to the nation's worst Stop 'n' Shop, we were unable to get any. But we decided on getting sushi before we remembered Stop 'n' Shop is no place to get fish when there's a fancy-pants fish market down the street.

We ordered take-out at Sakura and ate it while we watched the newest episode of "House, M.D." on the Fox web site. We got the Chelmsford roll (spicy tuna and other things in some kinda pink wrap), kappa maki (good ol' cukes and rice in a seaweed wrap), and vegetable maki (all kindsa crazy vegetable and fungi wrapped in rice). Sushi is pretty much my favorite treat. It's not a food I would want to eat every day (like pizza or chicken fingers), but I get ridiculously happy when I do get to have it.

My grandfather told my mom he wants to try sushi this Christmas, so Dan and I have been put in charge of bringing it to camp. My dad said he'll even try some -- just for me! There's a place in Bangor, Maine called Ichiban that I've heard only great things about, so the holiday sushi will come from there.

And so concludes the compulsory blog post.

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