Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weird Dreams

I had two very strange and vivid dreams last night.

In one, I noticed there were three ferrets in the cage. I opened the cage, but Dan had put the whole bag of food and the huge box of kitty litter in there, so I couldn't reach the animals. I cleaned out the cage and grabbed the gray ferret that didn't belong. It was a squirrel! The squirrel was very tame and seemed to want to stay. I considered letting it live there, but decided against it and carried it to the window. I set it on the roof that sloped past the windows (I must have been in the last apartment), and it just stared at me, all sad-like. I closed the window and made a note to remind Dan that we have to get the ferrets their rabies shot.

In the other, I was watching the Athanas fishes. I saw a dark spot in the rocks on the right side of the tank. I looked closer, and it was Domino, the new daddy-fish of his own mom's babies. Steve and Danielle came to inspect, and we concluded that Domino must have killed himself. He had a few rocks on top of him, so he either tried to bury himself alive, or another fish did it. Spunky (the new albino fish) had something to do with it, but we weren't sure what. He either killed Domino directly or had something to do with Domino's fatal depression.


Danielle A. said...

I can assure you that all fish are alive and well. In fact, one of the pleckos has come out of hiding, Spunky is starting to roam around a bit more, and the babies have hatched!! :)

Steve Athanas said...

All that said however, we have started Domino on male post-partum depression watch, and have secured Dr. Phil to assist with any necessary suicide intervention.

Spunky on the other hand, is in 24/7 lockdown in the county fishy correctional facility.

Kimberly Pye said...

I'm glad everyone is alive (especially the extra fishies that got born from their eggs)!