Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh, Christmas Trees!

We finally put up our tree last night. (I'm usually digging out the decorations as soon as we're done with Thanksgiving lunch, but circumstances did not allow for such this year.) I realized as soon as it was up in all its nakedness that I need to make a skirt for it, but bets are pretty high on my never getting around to that before the tree has to come down till 2008.

You may also notice a sneaky little fuzzbutt in the photo above. I saw him climbing up the tree shortly after the photo was taken, but I let him do his thing. His "thing" was to climb up to the highest branches and steal an ornament we put way up there on purpose because we knew the ferrets would enjoy its chewability factor. I caught him climbing out of the bottom branches with a chewy gingerbread man ornament securely in his jaws. We were right, but we had underestimated his stealth.

Dan put Frankie and his Santa hat in his proper place atop the highest bookshelf. (He's not a Halloween decoration! He's a literary figure, I tell you!)

I decorated the itty-bitty tree while Dan found a way to keep the misunderstood fellow from toppling over.

And then we finished watching Lewis Black's "Red, White and Screwed," which we started before Thanksgiving vacation. We finished eating the sweet potato pie, because though Dan made an offer to all Gmail users with Dan listed as a contact, no one came over to help us eat it. So we had to eat it all.


Lembkes said...

I like your Christmas Trees! I enjoy reading your blog.

Kimberly Pye said...

Thanks! (On both accounts!)