Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Special Day

Sometimes it really does hurt to be so dumb.

I was convinced my wallet was gone forever, since Dan knocked my unzipped purse over, and it fell upside-down into the trash can on Saturday afternoon, and it wasn't in the trash, and the other bag was no longer in the dumpster. FYI, thoroughly digging through a trash bag containing egg shells and sweet potato skins is gross.

I insisted Dan should just call and cancel all the credit cards now, since it was clearly gone forever. I started planning how I would get a new driver's license, knowing full well I would never get it in time to take it to Maine. I called my mom and told her my whole sob story. She felt bad for me, I could tell.

Then I looked in the bedroom, in all the dumbest places I could think of. And then I saw my knitting bag I took to The Garden Street House's November Party on Friday. "Oh yeah. I put it in there because I didn't take my whole purse."

I called everyone back and apologized for the freak-out session, explaining to Dan that he was right and I was wrong: "Yep, it showed up, and it's a good thing you didn't cancel all the cards as soon as we got off the phone."

So, lesson learned and nothing lost! Bonus! (I keep my purse zipped now.)

And then, before heading out the door to go back to work (this was a lunch-time adventure), I decided to open the only real piece of mail that was in our mailbox: a National Grid bill. I was excited to see how low the bill would be, fairly positive it was our first one since we moved into our new little condo. We've only been using the heat occasionally since November 2 (the bill was for Oct 1 to Nov 8), and Jason (our landlord and trusted friend) said even in the winter their bill (heat & electricity) was only about $70/month.

Q: This bill?
A: $312.21.

I called Dan, apologized for freaking out so many times, and gave him an itemized description of the bill in question. He's convinced there has been a mistake, and he told me I don't have to freak out about this one. (Phew!) The bill is definitely addressed to me, but it only says "B" instead of "B2." Maybe they billed us for the whole building? We'll see. But for now, I'm not freaking out.

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