Thursday, November 29, 2007

L.L.Bean Dream

This weekend we're going to Freeport/L.L.Beanville with our friends Steve and Danielle. I must be excited, because I took an early jaunt around the store last night in my sleep. But, still in real life, you must also know that I asked Dan to get some all-natural hot cocoa mix at Trader Joe's yesterday, and he came home with a canister of minty (!) hot cocoa mix that they were giving out samples of, so he knew it was good, but I haven't tried it yet. I must be excited about that, too.

So now on to Dream Land...

I picked out a new Nalgene (real world: I really am getting one this weekend), but I was taking a little longer to choose one than my shopping companions could tolerate, so I was a bit rushed, and I may have chosen one I wasn't entirely pleased with. It was pink, but I don't know what kind of mouth it had (real world: I'm having some difficulty deciding what I should get, since I want to maximize functionality as I need to use this at the gym, but I don't want the product to have too much regular plastic on it even though that's what a sports-style cap would have on it, and I don't even know if one can buy a Nalgene with a sports-style cap). Then we walked to the housewares section and browsed the samples of food in the cafe (real world: there is a cafe in L.L.Bean, but nothing is ever free). I ate a lot of bread. I had set my canister of minty hot cocoa mix on a table, since I pretty much knew everyone in the cafe area either because we came to the store together or because I've known them in real life. I noticed a girl (real life: I know I know this person in real life, but I totally forgot who she was. I have an idea, but I'm not naming names here. That could get ugly.) stirring hot cocoa. I said, "Did you just make that whole container of hot cocoa?" She said, "I tried, but it didn't work." I proceeded to explain to her that you're not supposed to add hot milk to the container, but rather only one scoop of mix to your entire cup of hot milk. I was by no means slow to become angry (James 1:19-20).

And that's pretty much all I remember. But it was nuts, believe you me.

I totally am thrilled about this weekend, too! On Friday, the 3rd Semifrequent Stitch 'n' Bitch is at my apartment, then Saturday we're going to Freeport/L.L.Beanville, then Sunday I'm going to Danielle's apartment for a Christmas Card Writing Party. (I suggested we [The Pyes & The Athanases] just move in together for the weekend so we only have to pay one rent between the two of us, but that doesn't quite work, does it? It should.)

And just so I have a reason to post a picture, here's the Christmas ornament I made for Priscila, just like I said I would:
Embroidered Ornament #2

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Whoa! That's really cool. :)