Monday, November 05, 2007

Soup, S'mores, and Silliness

Just before CVS closed on Friday night, Dan and I decided we needed graham crackers to go with the leftover Mr. Goodbars from Halloween and the marshmallows I found in the cupboard. With only six minutes till closing time, we ran (literally) to CVS to find that they only had partially hydrogenated graham crackers. So we ended up with Oreos, and then Oreos S'mores.

Oreo S'mores Recipe
1 Oreo (Do not remove cream!)
1 marshmallow
1/2 Halloween-size Mr. Goodbar

Twist Oreo to separate, having no concern for whether the cream ends up all on one side. Place Oreo cookies inside-up. On one half, place the marshmallow, on the other, the Mr. Goodbar. Microwave for 12 seconds. Flip the Mr. Goodbar half onto the marshmallow half, sandwiching the marshmallow and chocolate between two Oreo cookies. Serves one.

On Saturday we were total bums. We woke up at 10:00 am and stayed in our pajamas well through late-lunch time. I made whole-wheat biscuits (from scratch!) for breakfast, and we had Trader Joe's veggie egg rolls for lunch. All remaining time was spent playing video games and making stuff from yarn (guess who did what). We went to the library for a little while, but then it closed. I did manage to write down a pattern for a knitted apple (the fruit) protector. (FO forthcoming, though the WIP is not yet IP.)

We did a little grocery shopping, and since it's one of the only places we can spend money for the next couple of weeks (we're on a discretionary-spending fast), it seemed extra fun. I bought the ingredients for carrot soup, and I made it when we got home. I accidentally peeled two potatoes (I bought four when I only needed one), so I used the other one to make French fries. Oh. Man.

Me, fries, & Potage aux Carottes.

On Sunday, we went to a baby shower, left quickly, went home to clean and do laundry, then went to Casa Athanas for the Pats/Colts game. I learned what "downs" are and that it's very important to get to the computer-generated yellow line. (I still have a long way to go. Baseball is so much simpler, and that took me a couple of World Series to understand.)

Prodding through the container of hats, scarves, and mittens when I got home, I realized Dan's grandmother has made us a lot of knitted hats. I made it a goal to get all the knitted hats on my head. Neither have we a lack of scarves and mittens.

Tribal Yarn Dance.

I forgot my purse at Casa Athanas last night, and Dan and I forgot to leave me his key to my car. I realized I had no way to get to work 13 minutes before I had to leave, but I managed to get in contact with my mother (without the use of my cell phone!) and she called Dan, and he was at home with a key 14 minutes later. I was barely late for work.

It was a good, restful weekend, but if this morning is any sign of what's to come in the days ahead, it should be an interesting week!

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