Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiite Thanksgiving, just like the ones I used to know!

This apple I'm eating tastes so much like fall, I couldn't resist declaring my love for it. And the thing is, I brought a different apple this morning, but this one was already in my apple protector, so though I brought the Granny Smith anyway (unprotected -- gasp!), I chose to eat the older Fuji instead. It was a fantastic decision.

And it's making me splendidly sweet and sentimental.

I'm very excited about going home for Thanksgiving in a few days. I think it's partly because we haven't been to Maine in so long, and it's been even longer since we've been to my parents' camp.
"Up North," Rebel Hill Road, Smyrna Mills, Maine

I boiled the sweet potatoes for my Mississippi Sweet Potato Pie last night. Tonight I'm making the crust, and tomorrow I'll put it all together and bake it. I'm also getting a pomegranate because I think it's a Thanksgiving essential even though we've never had one for Thanksgiving in my entire life, and Dan and I will probably be the only ones who actually like it. There won't be many people there, (probably just Mom, Mom's parents, Dad, Dan, and me), so I don't know who's going to eat all this pie and pomegranate.

But I don't even care because it's Thanksgiving, and it will probably snow, and I'm jonesin' for some snow lately. (The few flakes I got on the way to work this morning were not enough.)

And then there's the question of what to knit while I am away. Crocheting is a little too quick for such a trip; I need to start/bring something of more substance. (And I don't want to have to bring Polyfil.) The double-knit star scarf is an option, but I get so darn bored of that chart. Or I could bring the 5% of the one sock I've finished, but I'm ashamed to let my grandmother see how little I've accomplished. (Yeah, let's save that one for Christmas.) I'm thinking about a sweater (of the circular variety) or some intarsia mittens (with a fantastic design I made myself).

All I've actually figured out is that I will definitely need some less-drowsy formula Dramamine for the 12+ hours I'll be spending in the car this holiday.

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