Saturday, November 17, 2007

I think I'll disappear...

I just deleted my MySpace and Facebook. (GoodReads got snuffed out a while ago.) I decided last night that they're pointless. They're really only good for spying on people from high school, and frankly, I really don't want to see what some of those people are up to these days. (It can be a little upsetting.)

I still have Ravelry. Because that's not pointless.

And if I've thwarted the spying on of me, peeps can get the dirty on me right here. But I wasn't posting obnoxious photos on either of those profiles, so I probably wasn't much fun to spy on anyway.

In other, non-disappearing news, all of my regularly-read blogs have been moved to Google Reader from my Google Homepage. That doesn't help me disappear, but it does make my life a little more stream-line. I asked Dan to show me how it works last night, and I totally fell in love.
So now my stuff is all organized like that, instead of little tabs that I had to click through. When there are updates, I get a parenthetical number telling me how many new things there are to read as if they were emails. Love. it. (I chose that adorable picture just for all you aspiring amigurumi makers Danielle.)

BTW, I'm not actually trying to disappear. For the most part, I do like people.

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Danielle A. said...

Cute babies! I heart the chosen picture. :)