Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chickens & The Bahamas

Los Athanas spent the evening with us (technically yesterday) eating, playing Wii, and making amigurumi. Danielle made her first bird from this pattern, and I made one along with her. I named mine Snowflake, and I think his hat looks a lot like something from Drops Design (which I kind of like, but it annoys me when they add eight million patterns to Ravelry all at once so that's all there is on the patterns page).

Barbie & Snowflake

I made cheeseburgers and homemade French fries. We made ice cream in the ice cream ball, and we had biscotti (de la cocina de Danielle) and Blue Mountain espresso (courtesy of the Athanas honeymoon).

We gave my parents the final word this afternoon: yes, indeed, a cruise to The Islands of the Bahamas is a spectacular Christmas gift! In March we're flying to Florida and taking a five-night cruise through the islands. My parents are going, too, but no word yet on whether my grandparents will be coming along.

I'm gonna make this to wear in the temperate trade winds. And if I keep up this gym routine, I'll need an even smaller one than that chick has on by the time March gets here! ;-) I've been a madwoman the last couple o' days, and it's taking a toll on my mobility. No pain, no gain, though, ¿sí?

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Danielle A. said...

Saturday was super fun! Thanks for the lesson and the dinner.

P.S. - Awesome gift from your parents for Christmas. You guys are going to have a ball. :)