Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Shenanigans

It was a fun-packed weekend, I tell ya. Despite our original plans to be lazy oafs (oaves?) all weekend, we did manage to get in some human interaction.

On Friday we went to Thai Jasmine. It's pretty close to our house and pretty darn fabulous. Remind us to take you there.

On Saturday, Dan saved the universe with John, and I played with yarn. In the evening we went to CJ's in Manchester with Steve and Danielle. We got some crazy deals at Building 19, then we had ice cream at Coldstone Creamery. Dan made the best combo (coffee ice cream with peanut butter cups and graham cracker pie crust crumbles).
On Sunday, we ate leftovers from CJ's, and the Kelihers and Lewises lured us to Kimballs. They only had about five flavors left, but regular ol' chocolate with a little pb sauce on top did not disappoint!

The roosters there were behaving oddly. This one is sitting on top of a wobbly sign outside the country store. It growled at Dan when he tried to pick it up.
Other roosters found a slightly more reasonable place to perch. I pet one, and Dan did manage to pick one up. (I think he's been playing too much Zelda.)
We also found out that chickens like chocolate ice cream, or at least they like to make violent pecks at spoons.
Back at home, we watched Game Seven and made candy corn fondant.
And now it's back to work, where there are neither chickens nor ice cream.

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Danielle A. said...

The Athanases are officially fired for paying more attention to ice cream than the fact that their picture was being taken. :)

Thanks for IM'ing us on Saturday - we had an awesome time! :)