Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Soft skin and a stolen sweater

On the day of the wedding the girlies met the bride at the mall for lunch. Afterwards, while she was having her makeup done at the Clinique booth (and another girl was at Chanel) in Belk, I journeyed over to the Bobbi Brown booth to ask about an appropriate lip color for my skin. While the Bobbi Brown Lady was applying color and gloss I couldn't afford (well, I could, but I'd rather buy something at CVS so I won't feel bad when I don't use it before it gets old and icky), she said I have nice skin, but it's very dry. So I'm working on that. But I also got the spendy-bug while I was waiting in the airport on Sunday, so I bought some Papaya Lip Butter from The Body Shop.

Can I tell ya? It's been about three days, and my lips are significantly softer! I've been faithfully washing and applying cream to my face before bed, too. So far, no huge difference, but my skin does look a bit brighter in the morning after a fresh dose of makeup. I guess that lady was right.

I got a new sweater during my lunch break date with Dan yesterday. Mr. Pink loves it. He thinks it's his blanket. Here he is, sleeping right out in the open on the couch, like some kind of normal pet:
When we kicked him out of the sweater and off the couch, he hid in the afghan on the floor. He must have a thing for acrylic fiber arts. (I'll going to make him his own special blankie, I guess.)

Just for cuteness, here's his little tongue sticking out a while later (he's still sleeping on my sweater):
I love the sweater, too. It's pink with bits of white, and I'm pretty sure I have this very same (or very similar) yarn in my stash.

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Danielle A. said...

Mr. Pink is so cute. Awesome pictures. :)