Friday, October 12, 2007

Repeat after me...

Kimberly Pye.
Will not.
Start another.
Knitting project.
Or crocheting project.
This weekend.

I'm glad I got this Argosy Scarf in before I committed to that! It's so pretty in this creamy fake suede, and it won't even need blocking because it's so soft and bendy! I can't wait to post my finished project on Ravelry!

And it's a good thing the SnB is this weekend; I'll have plenty of time to sit and make FOs outta my WIPs.

Despite knocking on death's door today (with a runny nose, sneezing in St. Peter's face), I'm having a lovely day! I woke up when Dan left, and I couldn't fall back asleep because the neighbor upstairs never turned off his or her alarm clock, so I worked on my giant scarf for which I needed size 19 needles so badly.* I decided the scarf is ugly, and dropped the still-needled project on the floor. I started the Argosy Scarf (and had to rip it out at work after I realized I had done the ssk wrong and had somehow miscounted stitches when I got to row 17). I'm at row 25 now, and it's gorgeous! (Did I already mention that?) Then, when I signed on to Ravelry, someone had left me sweet messages about three of my projects and made me her friend (my first non-IRL friend!). And in just a few more hours I can go home and clean for a while and meet pals at Sal's (ha!) and then groggily help lead a small group.

Really, it's a good day!

*I got some at The Christmas Tree Shops last night with Danielle. They were only $0.89! I also got a pair of size 17 needles for the same price, and six balls of Lion Brand Suede (polyester) for $1.29 each. Oh yeah, and a book with a recipe from each state for $2.99. Dan said, "You got a cook book?!?" (understandable if you've seen the cabinets above the fridge), to which I replied, "No, it's a picture book. With recipes."

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Danielle A. said...

Nice mantra. :) Thank goodness for the SnB!

A couple of other things:

1. I can't wait to be on Ravelry.
2. Christmas Tree Shops could be dangerously addicting.
3. I can't wait to see how your scarf finishes out!!