Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On Food

Our company just launched a new product, so we had a li'l pizza party today.

I've been told that the Papa Gino's right by our new apartment is the worst one ever, and not all Papa Gino'ses are that bad. I had my doubts until today.

The two pieces (I took the smallest ones!) were so good I'm ready to order more as soon as eating out starts being special again. (More on that later.) I had a veggie slice and something with tomato chunks, chicken, and jalapeƱos. Yum. (And I made them both even a little better with my emergency Adobo stash.)

About eating out: I'm sick of it. We went pretty bonkers last weekend, and I can't stand the idea of having dinner at a restaurant for a while. Even if all we have is frozen Trader Joe's fare, I'd rather eat at home.

And it's really sad when eating out loses its special feeling. When it becomes a chore and everything starts tasting the same, it's just not fun anymore.

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