Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fingers hole!

At Starbucks I got an iced Passion tea and worked my mitten past the fingers hole. It's fabulous. The pattern says I have another inch to go before I start the decreasing, but I think I'll start the decreasing a lot sooner since the decreasing takes 9 rounds.

And here's a little confession: I don't actually know how to knit in the round with double-pointed needles, so this one came out totally backwards. I should have been knitting all this time to get that beautiful stockinette stitch, but I purled instead. You should have seen my mad skills at work when I had to m1 purl-wise when all I had was knit-wise directions. And this is supposed to be a right-handed mitten, but you can see it's definitely not. No biggy, I guess. I'll just follow the left-hand instructions to get my right-hand mitten!


Shannon said...

I am totally impressed with your making-it-up-as-you-go-along skills. :)

Danielle A. said...

Very Nice. :)